Evaluating, Choosing, and Managing Fonts

Friday, July 12

11:15 am - 12:15 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

Did you ever hear the saying “the designer with the most fonts wins”? It’s cute, funny, and relatable. And totally wrong.

You don’t need the most fonts, you need the best fonts for your work.

It’s time to curate your font collection, putting your favorites at your fingertips and tossing the junk. The payoffs are huge:

  • No more wasting hours searching in vain for a font with the right look.
  • No more realizing halfway through a job that the font you chose doesn’t have a glyph you absolutely need.
  • No more sketchy free fonts of dubious origin and quality.

In this session you’ll see how to build and maintain a valuable collection of fonts that’s easy to use and flexible enough to meet any need, with fresh new looks and reliable old standbys.

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