PDF Beyond Printing & Viewing – PDF for Archiving

Thursday, 10:15 am – 11:00 am

Everyone knows that PDF excels as a format for presentation — both printing and viewing — of final form textual and graphical content. And most seasoned InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop users are well aware of the ISO PDF/X standards supported by these applications that are used to ensure reliable printing. However, governmental, academic, and research organizations are increasing requiring submission of PDF files conforming to one of the PDF/A standards designed to be “safe” for document archiving. And likewise, there are increasing calls for PDF files to be more accommodating in terms of supporting access to “underlying data” associated with that beautiful PDF final form content.

This session will make the case not only for designers and publishers to concern themselves with not only printability, but also archivability of their PDF. We’ll explore not only methods of creating PDF that supports both PDF/X and PDF/A now, but directions that you might expect going forward towards making this a seamless and easy experience along for support for “PDF Open Data.”