Outrageous: 30 Years of Images

Monday, May 17

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

Take a journey through 30 years of photographs, photocomposites, illustrations, social media, ads, and more! This session is half “how to” and half “how the heck…!”

Join David Blatner as he interviews five amazing digital pioneers and we see their favorite works of the past three decades:

  • Russell Brown: Sr. Creative Director at Adobe Systems, Emmy Award Winner 2008, and much much more
  • Sharon Steuer: Award winning fine artist, award winning author, and creator of The Adobe Illustrator Wow! Book
  • Bert Monroy: Early-adopter Photoshop expert, wrote the first book on Photoshop, fine artist, commercial artist
  • Louis Fishauf: Canadian award-winning graphic designer, art director, and illustrator
  • Katrin Eismann: internationally-known teacher, photographer, retoucher, and author


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