Remote and Virtual Workflows for Design and Creatives, Part 2

Sunday, July 14

11:21 pm - 11:21 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

In Part 1 of this two-part session, we explored a wide spectrum of remote workflows. Now, let’s tackle editorial and review! The field of web-based collaboration and review is hot, hot, hot! If emailing PDFs out to remote clients and authors for review is slowing you down, you’ll be glad to learn about these newer, more streamlined alternatives.

This session includes:

  • Initiating and managing comment and review using Acrobat versus Creative Cloud services
  • Best practices for managing Acrobat comments
  • Discovering how InDesign’s Share for Review is better (and worse) than Acrobat
  • Using 3rd-party cloud-based review services like GoProof, Tweak, and PageProof
  • Using linked Word files for fast, round-trip copyediting with WordsFlow
  • When InCopy is the solution
  • Using Google Docs with InDesign

You’ll be so encouraged and energized by what you learn, that you’ll be fixing your own workflows as soon as you get back to the office!

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