Sponsored Breakfast Session: Why You Can’t Live Without an Online Proofing Platform

Tuesday, May 10

9:15 am - 9:45 am Washington, DC (UTC-4)

This session is sponsored by PageProof

The founders of PageProof have experienced the frustration that creatives and marketing teams face when gathering feedback and approvals on work. Their mission: to enable faster execution of brand-approved content by removing the hurdles of giving feedback and approvals. In today’s hybrid marketing world, whatever you create can be proofed with PageProof — artwork, photography, documents, presentations, design prototypes, video, podcasts, HTML emails, websites… even 3D. Simple online proofing for every piece of work you create. More importantly, so much time can be saved for the ever-busy designer with PageProof’s Adobe extension. We can’t wait to show you this time-saver!

“It’s amazing… they nailed the comment and approval process.”
—David Blatner, CEO, CreativePro Network

Watch this session below:


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