Turning Data into Design in InDesign

Tuesday, May 18

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Washington, DC (UTC-4)

If you think about it, all publishing is “data publishing,” but when you need to design and lay out text and graphics from a database or spreadsheet, the process can get quite tricky!

Follow along as we learn about the different tools that focus on publishing catalogs and directories, as well as those that serve variable data, personalization, and targeted market publishing. This workshop isn’t just for those publishing information from rows and columns, either. It will also give insights into automated long document and multi-channel publishing platforms.

InDesign’s Data Merge is a powerful but super simple starting point on the data publishing spectrum. Find out which tools will help you:

  • Build a 500-page directory in minutes
  • Cut your catalog page production time in half or less AND be more accurate in the process
  • Revolutionize how you produce books, reports, and other long documents
  • Incorporate personalized images AND video into your direct market, personalization, and targeted market campaigns
  • Streamline multiple language publishing
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