Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin has been involved in the design, editing, and production of books, magazines, and newspapers for almost 30 years. He is the Editor in Chief of CreativePro Magazine and CreativePro.com, co-author of the Adobe Photoshop Visual QuickStart Guide, and an Instructor for LinkedInLearning with over 30 video courses on InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, and Affinity Publisher.

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Kris Coppieters

Kris Coppieters is an accomplished software-engineer and coach. He designs and develops innovative software solutions. His forte: simple, stable, maintainable, flexible solutions for complex problems. A pragmatic approach allows him to achieve realistic, results-focused outcomes. This includes helping companies kick-start their automation projects and software-developer team-building.

Kris also excels at coaching and stimulating other developers. His teaching skills enable him to explain complex matters in plain language.

Kris’ session:

    Leonard Rosenthol

    Leonard Rosenthol is a Senior Principal Scientist with Adobe Systems and serves as their PDF Architect having been involved with PDF technology for more than 20 years. Recently he also took on the responsibility for architecture of their Content Authenticity Initiative. In his role as Senior Standards Representative for Adobe, he represents Adobe on various international standards bodies including the ISO and W3C. Prior to joining Adobe (for the first time) in 1996, Leonard was the Director of Advanced Technology for Aladdin Systems and responsible for the development of the StuffIt line of products.


    Jesús Ramirez

    Jesús Ramirez

    Jesús Ramirez is a digital graphics expert, speaker, and educator specializing in Adobe Photoshop. Jesús has over 16 years of professional design experience and has worked with clients such as Adobe, Microsoft, Motorola, and Conde Nast.

    Jesús is best known as the founder of the Photoshop Training Channel, one of the most popular Photoshop YouTube channels in the world with 1.8 million subscribers. You can find his articles and tutorials in many well-known publications and blogs, including the Adobe Creative Cloud Blog, Adobe’s Create Magazine, and Photoshop User Magazine.

    Jesús has been a speaker at many industry-related events worldwide. Including events in Australia, Asia, and Latin America. Most notably Adobe MAX, Adobe SUMMIT, Adobe MAKE IT, CreativePro, CreativeLive, Talent Land, PhotoPlus, Photoshop World, Pluralsight LIVE, and WPPI.

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    Rick Altman

    Rick Altman has been hired by hundreds of companies, listened to by tens of thousands of professionals, and read by millions of people, all of whom seek better results with their presentation content and delivery. He covers the whole of the industry, from message crafting, through presentation design, slide creation, software technique, and delivery. He is the host of the Presentation Summit, and a Director at the Presentation Guild.

    Dan Gard

    Dan Gard is the Senior Production Designer at the world’s largest presentation design and communications agency, Duarte Inc. Based in the heart of Santa Clara, the epicenter of Silicon Valley, Dan has produced work for the boardrooms, conferences, and pitches of Silicon Valley’s elite. Often favored by executives for his candid nature and approach to design systems; he makes Presentation Design a blend of Graphic Design, UI, UX, and Engineering all composed with Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Dan’s career has spanned from glass slides and late nights loading carousels, to the wonderful landscapes of Island Presents on Unix… hundreds of colors becoming millions… cutting his teeth working at companies like Better Image, NIA Creative, and that brief stint at Billpoint slinging emails post ‘dot bomb’, he always saw the timeless value of building great presentations. With a passion and education rooted in graphic design, his personal passions coming from photography, cinema, music (sound and covers), and gaming, all boiled together to create a skillset that knows exactly how to create impact no matter the venue.

    When Dan is not building something for a client, he is most likely watching a film from his vast media library, while he considers what more he could do to his home theater system to create the ultimate sensory experience.

    Dan’s sessions:

      Kristina Heaps

      Kristina Heaps is a presentation designer, with a background in marketing and graphic design. She received two Addy’s and a Webby for her work, when she lived in Silicon Valley. Ten years ago, when she ventured out on her own into the world of presentation design, she translated her love for color and packaging into this  new media. Now the founder and CEO of Heaps LLC, a small communications design production group in Austin, Texas, Kristina loves mixing the world of corporate communications, rapid return production, and client collaboration. She can often be found balancing life as a presentation specialist, super mom, and best lap for her new puppy.

      Kristina’s session:

        Richard Goring

        Richard is a Director at BrightCarbon, the specialist presentation and eLearning agency. He enjoys helping people create engaging content and communicate effectively using visuals, diagrams, and animated sequences that explain and reinforce the key points, which is supported by plenty of resources and tips at www.brightcarbon.com.

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        Joe Buchwald

        Joe Buchwald is the Creative Director for the Adobe Events Team where he oversees earth shattering mind bending, incredible presentations on the world’s largest screens… and small screens too. Everyday he oversees graphics on all Executive Adobe Presentations, striving to provide presentations that make each exec feel like a rockstar when they take the stage.

        Additionally, he serves as the event Creative Director for Adobe MAX and SUMMIT including working with a team of incredible creatives on the otherworldly multimedia pieces that start each show. Joe has been working on large scale event presentations since 2005… or since Powerpoint 2004. His favorite part of the job is collaborating with other creatives and making inspiring visuals.

        In his free time Joe likes to draw, make beer, and play rock, pop, & soul music. He lives in San Jose, CA… near one of the last standing orchards in the Valley. He’s married to the most awesome woman on the planet with a child that has a serious addiction to Lego’s.

        Joe’s session:

          Dov Isaacs

          Dov Isaacs is a Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems Incorporated. A 28-year veteran of Adobe, he has responsibility for end-to-end PDF publishing workflow and product interoperability issues. Dov also serves as Adobe’s representative to the Ghent Workgroup and several ISO TC130 committees associated with print industry standards including PDF/X and PDF/VT for which he serves as the chairperson and co-chairperson respectively.

          Dov also monitors numerous InDesign, PDF, prepress, and printing e-mail lists and user forums. He not only contributes advice and solutions, especially in the area of printing and PDF workflow, but also uses issues raised and problems identified as feedback for Adobe development.

          Previously, Dov founded Adobe’s corporate product interoperability group and also served in other engineering and marketing management positions within Adobe including serving seven years as Director of Quality Assurance for Adobe’s PostScript printing and driver products. Prior to Adobe, he served in engineering management positions in the areas of laser printer, office automation systems, and computer operating system development. Dov Isaacs received his PhD in Computer Science from the Ohio State University as well as an MBA in management systems from Cornell University, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

          Dov’s sessions: