Dave Clayton

Dave Clayton

Dave is a UK based graphic designer, instructor and author with almost 30 years experience in design and marketing. Dave has taught or spoken at events such as Adobe Max, Creative Pro Illustrator Summit, Lightbox Expo, Creative South, Photoshop World, the Photoshop Virtual Summit and The Photography Show (UK).

He also wrote “How Do I Do That In InDesign” for Scott Kelby with Rocky Nook. Dave also writes a regular design column for Photoshop User magazine and has designed covers for a range of bestselling photography books for Peachpit and Rocky Nook.

Dave spent four years between 2017-2021 as Training & Community Manager for Astute Graphics, providing extensive training content for Adobe Illustrator users on the wide range of powerful plugins and also introducing and connecting some of the top designers with the business. Dave now offers Astute Graphics training to designers and companies on a freelance basis.

He is also the co-founder and cohost of the “He Shoots, He Draws” podcast with San Diego based photographer, Alan Hess. Dave lists graphic design also as his hobby and has over 400 books on design and branding to keep him busy.


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