Break Through Your InDesign Production Bottlenecks

This session is a 4-minute romp through WordsFlow, a workflow plugin for InDesign that solves your most common production problem: last-minute or ongoing changes by authors and editors using Word & Excel. WordsFlow works by providing live links to your Word & Excel documents, and performing its “magic merge” on link update, rather than losing all your work.

(DocsFlow provides the same function, but using online Google Docs documents & sheets.)

It will be followed by immediately by a live Q&A session.

This session brought to you by our partner, Em Software.

Interactive PDF is Dead

Have you ever exported an interactive PDF from InDesign only to find that the interactive parts were missing?

It turns out that a PDF doesn’t really support most of InDesign’s interactive features. In this session, you’ll learn why that is, and what options you do have to create interactivity without coding.

In addition to PDF, we’ll look at

  • Publish Online
  • Fixed Layout ePub
  • in5

You’ll get to see live, interactive projects that were created with InDesign and include

  • Animation
  • Audio & Video
  • Object States
  • Pop-ups
  • Buttons
  • Flipbook transitions
  • 3-D Flipcards
  • Responsive Layouts

This session brought to you by our partner, Ajar Productions.

Design with Data, Present with Power

3M has combined 30+ years of research informing our understanding of the human visual system with our expertise in machine learning and analytics to bring data-driven workplace solutions. Developed by expert neuro and data scientists to quickly and accurately simulate how people see your visuals within the first 3-5 seconds, 3M™ Visual Attention Software (VAS) instantly predicts – with 92% accuracy – where your viewers’ eyes are drawn. This “pre-attentive phase” is critical in capturing your audience’s interest and increasing the likelihood they will engage with your content. A VAS analysis will show you which areas are attracting, or distracting, viewers’ attention so you know if your content is on track in achieving its goals. You can integrate testing into you design workflow with the VAS web app or plugins for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or XD and make refinement decisions based on objective feedback. Learn more at

This session brought to you by our partner, 3M.

MSOs and More: Next Level InDesign Interactivity

This session is packed with even more interactivity that you can add to your InDesign digital documents. We’ll learn about MSOs — Multi-State Objects — how to create them, and how to control which state is showing, using both buttons and arrows.

We’ll also learn:

  • How to create hyperlinks: to phone numbers, email, web, google maps – and embed a map into a document
  • Create a slideshow of photos, control with a button
  • Create a graphic with multiple buttons, that when clicked, show specific information
  • Use MSOs and buttons to create a way to display different languages on one page
  • Create rollover buttons which activate both a text frame and trigger a different opacity of a photo for a cool roll-over and roll-off effect.

The Presentation Designer as Visual Translator: Interview

The role of the presentation designer is similar to being a translator standing between two people who don’t speak the same language. Your job is to understand both sides and find a way to help them communicate.

Join us in this fascinating and insightful interview, as Mark Heaps discusses presentation design with Jef Tyler, Senior Interactive Art Director at VMware.

What’s New with Remote/Virtual Presentations

Today, your audience is more likely to be virtual than in-person. Learn practical skills for building presentations that succeed in this new world.

Topics include:

  • The new best practices in presentation design
  • AV setup options remote presenters encounter
  • Is 16×9 still the standard? What about font sizes? Can you use video? Slide transitions? Animations?

Down the Rabbit Hole with a Photoshop Legend, Part 3

This is Part 3 of a three-part tutorial by Photoshop legend Bert Monroy. It’s an honor and privilege to host Bert at CreativePro Week, and remember, each of these sessions contains in-depth lessons and also live, interactive Q&A where you can ask questions and find deeper insights.

In Part 2, Bert explored brush strokes, paths, and other great Photoshop techniques. Now, see how he uses Photoshop and Illustrator together to achieve his masterpieces.

Down the Rabbit Hole with a Photoshop Legend, Part 2

This is Part 2 of a three-part tutorial with Photoshop master Bert Monroy. In Part 1, Bert explored some of his recent artworks and we looked at masks, layers, and channels. Now, let’s explore brushes and paths, and how sometimes the subtlest changes can make the most profound differences.

See Part 3 here.

Collaboration Techniques: Working with Teams and Partners

Presentation design has changed dramatically in the past year, with designers, clients, and stakeholders often in different geographic locations and time zones. Fortunately, there are some terrific options for collaboration, using PowerPoint, Google Slides, and other design tools!

Join us as we uncover some of the best tools, techniques, and takeaways for remote and collaborative workflows.

Just Say No: Alternatives to Boring Slides

Bullet points. Walls of text with tiny pictures. Predictable slide arrangements. Same size, same color, same layouts, over and over and over. You’ve lost their attention by slide three. How can you break the monotony of boring and bland presentations? How can you create visual excitement and design interesting slides that captivate audiences? This session will show you a variety of ways to lose the snooze with slides that are designed that capture visual attention.