Closing Session

It’s time to bring this five-day CreativePro extravaganza to a close. Join us for one last opportunity to catch a tip, win a prize, and learn what’s next on the horizon.

PowerPoint Add-Ins

Are you using PowerPoint add-ins? You should be! Add-ins are third-party plug-ins that expand PowerPoint’s capabilities and solve loads of pain points at every skill level from beginner through advanced. There are a lot of add-ins out there including some unbelievably great free ones. But how do you know which are worth having and which are best to ignore? Industry veteran and BrightCarbon Director, Richard Goring, has ideas for you!

Making the Most of PowerPoint Templates

Okay, we can all admit that making PowerPoint templates makes us nervous. Can we delete that layout? How should we handle page numbers? What about the color palette? Why can’t we set a font theme on a Mac? Will the client call us up in six months saying complaining about their bullet points formatting?

Templates are admittedly a big topic, but in this session we’ll take a look at some of the major dos and don’ts as well as best practices for putting together a basic PowerPoint template.

InDesign—The “Right” Way

You get there in the end, but is it always in the most efficient way? Under the hood, would your InDesign documents stand up to scrutiny? If there are serious edits to be made, would your document fall down like a house of cards? This session looks at ways to make InDesign’s document infrastructure and automation features work for you, not against you, and is for novices—as well as seasoned users who secretly suspect there is a better way.

  • Banish repetitive drudgery
  • Boss your text flow
  • Keep your documents tidy and problem free

Creative Cloud Unleashed

Explore new avenues for your creativity with professional-level design tools on the iPad. Photoshop and Illustrator have been re-imagined for a touch-enabled experience — and offer a whole new dimension for designing unique and engaging content.

Whether you use your fingers, or Pencil, you’ll discover new ways to seamlessly work across your desktop and iPad apps while creating professional-level content.

We’ll also take a look at Fresco. This natural-media based app brings truly unique features to the iPad for drawing and painting. See how these applications can enhance real-world design projects for any medium.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco on iPad.
  • How common desktop features translate to the iPad.
  • Unique tools, features and workflows only available on a touch device.
  • How to create, edit, and share documents across devices, projects, and other designers.
  • Drawing and sketching techniques that you can use in any creative project.

Agile Infographics

Nowadays the ability to design professional infographics isn’t enough—you need to do it quickly and efficiently. One way to achieve this is to adopt Agile methods. This cutting-edge workshop shows step-by-step how to use Agile techniques to turn words into professional, compelling infographics quickly. Learn the proven techniques and tools the pros use to do more with less!

Storytelling in PowerPoint

Like any children’s book, engaging novel or award winning film, a good story should be the backbone of your presentation. But what separates a good story from a not-so-good one? In this session, you’ll discover the essential structure and elements you need to craft engaging and memorable stories. Then, learn how to bring your story to life with presentation techniques that make a strong emotional connection with your audience. Lastly, you’ll learn how to wrap it all up and create the storybook ending that your clients and audiences are looking for.

In this session you will learn:

  • The elements that make up a story and how to use them in any kind of presentation
  • What it takes to make a good story into a great story
  • How to use visual storytelling principles to make your presentation look and feel amazing

Hands-On Design

Isn’t it funny how in the early days of digital imagery, photos were so heavy on grain that they struggled to compete—and now we’re in a place where we add grain to generated images to make them appear more analog? Oh, how the pendulum swings! While it’s much easier these days to move more fluidly between the digital realm and the analog world, it’s also incredibly easy to get stuck in the precise, pixel-perfect world of our screens. Consider this session a respite from your everyday grind and a chance to slow down, embrace imperfection, and create with your hands—no mouse or tablet necessary.

You’ll (re)discover:

  • The sensory joy of hands-on creation and the unique artistic expressions afforded by analog tools
  • Analog media as a catalyst for ideation and creativity
  • Delightful ways analog elements can enhance your digital projects.

Pocket Guide to Design Law in the Age of AI

In this session, legal expert Kathryn Goldman will delve into the three pivotal legal areas every designer must navigate: contract, copyright, and trademark. As AI continues to revolutionize the design industry, understanding its impact on these legal domains has never been more crucial. Kathryn will break down top-line best practices, offering a clear, concise guide tailored to the needs of today’s designer.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this session will equip you with the knowledge to handle legal challenges in your creative work confidently. Expect to walk away with practical tips that will serve as your go-to reference in the rapidly evolving world of design law. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn complex legal concepts into your competitive advantage in the age of AI.

AI in PowerPoint

AI is everywhere these days, even in the world of presentation design—both inside PowerPoint and in dozens of standalone apps and services. Discover how to leverage AI to help you create effective presentations in record time. Streamline your process with help from AI to generate everything from a basic outline or storyboard to custom graphics and templates.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Take advantage of PowerPoint’s Copilot feature
  • Work with Designer and PowerPoint
  • Create on-brand content with a variety of tools
  • Generate text-based content
  • Use AI tools for image manipulation and layout generation