Sponsored Breakfast Session: How to Use Video to Maximize Your Impact in PowerPoint

This session is sponsored by Microsoft

In a world where attention spans are short and we can’t always meet in person, video has become a vital way to land your message with impact. Video can be composed and layered with diverse content to create stunning effects. Within PowerPoint, we’ve seen the increased customer need in this space and have created a class of new experiences focused on video, including Recording Studio and Cameo. Come and learn about these recent innovations and how you can use video in your next project to create impressive results.

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CreativePro Movie Night: 44 Pages

It’s been a long day of learning and networking. After dinner, come join us for a little dessert as you kick back and watch a fun movie with new friends!

44 Pages

A cinematic portrait and history of the long-running American children’s magazine, Highlights Magazine.

CreativePro Week 2022 Welcome Reception

Join us for drinks, nibbles, and a fun opportunity to meet the speakers and fellow attendees!

Sponsored Breakfast Session: Why You Can’t Live Without an Online Proofing Platform

This session is sponsored by PageProof

The founders of PageProof have experienced the frustration that creatives and marketing teams face when gathering feedback and approvals on work. Their mission: to enable faster execution of brand-approved content by removing the hurdles of giving feedback and approvals. In today’s hybrid marketing world, whatever you create can be proofed with PageProof — artwork, photography, documents, presentations, design prototypes, video, podcasts, HTML emails, websites… even 3D. Simple online proofing for every piece of work you create. More importantly, so much time can be saved for the ever-busy designer with PageProof’s Adobe extension. We can’t wait to show you this time-saver!

“It’s amazing… they nailed the comment and approval process.”
—David Blatner, CEO, CreativePro Network

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Building a Digital Mood Board to Get Your Team on the Same Page

Aligning a project vision with your team is critical to producing the most successful and elegant designs. A mood board is where the rational and the creative aspects of a project come together to focus you team’s efforts towards a common goal.

Join Kladi as she shows you how to create digital mood boards that will allow you to assemble, organize, and share your ideas quickly and clearly.

Topics include:

  • Creating a dedicated library to store, organize, and share assets
  • Building a clear and consistent layout using grids and parent pages
  • Placing and managing content with frame grids
  • Extracting assets from images and adding them to your library without leaving InDesign
  • Best practices for sharing documents

How to Build Single-Source InDesign Files for Print and EPUB Output

It is a ton of work to properly set up an InDesign document for professional print output. And to have to do that all over again just to get your EPUB file exported is just insanity.

Let me show you how to build your InDesign documents so that they are ready for both outputs.

Exporting PDF for Print and Digital Documents

Making a good-quality PDF is one of the most critical steps in the design and production process, and yet most designers don’t have a good grip of this sometimes tedious process. Whether you’re making a PDF for commercial press, desktop printer, or on-screen viewing, it is important that you make the right choices in the export process!

Topics include:

  • Understanding which export dialog box to use
  • Figuring out the PDF/X presets
  • Why the presets should only be a starting point (and which settings to change)
  • Using and creating a .joboptions file
  • Crop and bleed marks
  • Tips for setting up and exporting your pages panel for pages vs. spreads
  • Export a greyscale PDF from your color InDesign file
  • Control the JPG export size for social media posts
  • Use Preflight Profile to check image, color and font problems
  • Tips for creating an interactive PDF

PX: Designing Presentation Experiences

A presentation is more than just the speaker, the writing, or the visuals — it’s an entire experience that you’re creating. To make the best, most engaging and impactful experience, you have to follow a design path that looks a lot like the UX design cycle. Instead of thinking, “ok, time to open PowerPoint and design the visuals for this presenter,” you need to think beyond the slides!

Pitch Perfect Presentation Design: Make Your Message Sing

Learn the tricks the pros use to get audience agreement and sell a product, solution, or idea. Use the latest behavioral psychology and neuromarketing techniques. Use what you learn during class to make a clear, compelling presentation that gets buy-in and improves your success rate. It’s easy—when you know how to do it.

Putting it Together: Books, Covers, and More

Long documents — such as books, proposals, or large reports — require a few special InDesign techniques. Learn from a master of book design and construction as we explore:

  • Building books from multiple InDesign documents
  • Synchronizing styles, parent pages, variables, and more
  • Managing page numbers across documents
  • Building an attractive cover (including front, back, and spine)